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Witbank Diabetes Centre

About Us

Witbank Diabetes Centre has been delivering results to its patients living with diabetes since we opened in 2009.

Our goal is to help our patients lead a quality life by:
- Helping them attain a meaningfully lower risk for the onset and              development of vascular complications         
- Minimum acute side effects 
- Lower the risk for long-term irreversible complications
- Early detection and appropriate treatment of early signs of vascular      disease.

About the Diabetes Centre

We also focus on the prevention of Type 2 diabetes in at-risk populations by implementing a multi-disciplinary approach to assist life-change and therefore lower risk.

An added service that we offer is that we are a recognized pump centre.  All practitioners at our Centre are equipped to manage type 1 diabetes patients on pump therapy.  From identifying patients that are candidates for pump therapy to initiation and follow-up thereafter.  Our wonderful team walk a close journey with all pump therapy patients and have seen fantastic results and improvements in quality of life and diabetes targets using this therapy where applicable.

Providing you with the best practitioners for the best care

Dr. Reuhl Lombard

Dr. Lombard has a keen interest in and passion for Diabetes. His years of experience and knowledge regarding the condition make his input highly valuable in the management of patients at the centre.

Kathrin Ratcliffe

Kathrin is passionate about both Diabetes and working with people. She combines these to educate and empower patients to manage their diabetes confidently on their own.

Pieter Roos

Pieter has a solid background in both Podiatry and Diabetes enabling him to effectively help Diabetes patients with foot care and related long-term complications.